2001 Dodge Durango Clunking

My 2001 Dodge Durango has an intermittent clunking that seems to correlate to the wheels rotating and happens: at low speeds (0-5 mph)… however, it has gotten worse if I drive continuously for an hour and then stop. It will happen between 0 and 30mph and be much louder.

When the clunking happens, the steering wheel also rotates to to the right and the car will shake a little.

If I had to guess, the clunking is coming from the front left but really could be anywhere.

I have taken it to FireStone multiple times, they have test driven it all over… it never seems to happen when they have it.

Stay away from Firestone. My wife used to complain that our 2002 Dodge Dakota extended cab used to clunk. I put it on the lift and found both sway rod links broken. When they were replaced…the clunks went away. I suggest that you take your Dakota to a good independent front end shop and have it inspected. The odds of finding a competent mechanic at a chain shop is about the same as winning a lottery.

Rear universal joint maybe!!!1

I agree with Yosemite. I once had a rear-wheel drive car with independent rear suspension. It produced a cluncking sound when one of the rear u joints went bad. I also agree with missileman. A chain shop is no place for troubleshooting. I take my car to a chain shop ONLY if I’m 100% sure what it needs (brakes, tires, muffler etc.)