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Jerking or Clunking Knock When Vehicle Almost To Complete Stop

My Dodge van makes a jerking/clunking knock under the vehicle when it comes to almost a complete stop. Feel strong inside the vehicle. If I break hard or gently that jerking/clunking knock will not happen- gotta hit and miss when I tried to control it.
I am thinking of front brake which I must replace, it’s pulsation occasionally, hopefully nothing serious, anyone experience this? thanks.

Lots of possibilities. Have the brakes and suspension looked at on this vehicle of mysterious year and model and unknown mileage and maintenance.

I would take a very close look at the motor mounts, as loose/broken mounts can cause the exact symptoms that the OP describes.

My 01 taurus clunks too. Don’t want to inspect sway bar links or bushings. Maybe in October when it cools down

It could be many things, but when my Dakota started the same noise,it was a ball joint. Replaced the ball joint and never heard the sound again.


I’ve Never Had Loose Nuts… But Some People Have Suffered From That.
I’d Check The Wheel Lug Nuts If You Haven’t Done So, Already.

It could be a violent downshift from the transaxle. Fairly common, especially if it has been filled with the wrong transmission fluid.

NYBo could be right, I had tranny fluid change at Jiffy Lube and I think they put regular fluid in it instead of AFT 4 (I think), need a flush again.

Same Mountainbike:

That’s pretty funny!

If your van has rear wheel drive, could be a problem in the u-joints or lack of lube where it splines into the transmission.

It’s a Dodge Caravan, so that means it’s most likely FWD.
I suppose that it could have AWD, but those are pretty rare.

it’s FWD, I scheduled online with Dodge dealership and system generated a Band 3 adjustment for $122. Nothing mention about wrong fluid, I will check with service department when I bring my car in and update you all.