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2002 durango awd clunk noise when put in reverse

My 2002 durango when put in reverse makes clunk noise and I went under truck it looks like its coming from transfer case by rear shaft,please if somebody knows my problem let me know

Grab the rear drive shaft and try to shake it up and down, side to side and in and out. Do the same with the front drive shaft. Also look at the mounts on the transfer case. Of course, some play is necessary in the drive train and it is not unreasonable for a clunk to be heard when everything is working properly. Is the clunk loud when shifted to reverse immediately after starting but barely noticeable after the engine has warmed up and the idle speed has dropped?

Just cheked front shaft and noticed play in transfer case when move front shaft,rear is ok no movement at all,noise is always same when put in reverse,had wife put in reverse and looks like front shaft moves in one direction and immidietly in other for about 1 inch and then no noise

If you have u-joints, those would be my first suspect. Thre should be absolutely no play in any u-joints. If there is, replace the ones with play. Do you have limited slip differentials? If so, there could be a problem with those. Maybe just worn diff clutches. Or incorrect lube. Limited slip needs the correct lube and sometimes additives to work correctly. Have you added to or changed the lubrication in the axels or differentials recently?

Just bought durango and it looks thatprevious owner did put new front shaft and I didnt changed any fluids yet
It is r model with awd 4 hi and 4 lo option

A bad U-joint will cause a great deal of shaking at speeds above 45 mph. My guess is the output bearing on the transfer case is shot. If that is the problem continuing to drive will trash the case.

Find out my problem its bad front diff and transfer case does anyone knows how much it will cost me to rebuild

Both the differential and transfer case ? But which one caused your clunking noise? Just curious.

Front diff is worn and has a lot play in it