2001 chevy astro van will not start, 4.6L V6

2001 chevrolet astro van won’t start, I have spark and fuel. compression ok.


Are you sure the passlock isn’t “seeing” an unauthorized starting attempt?

You said you have spark. Did you use a spark tester? I’ve had some issues with Astro vans where the coil wire would slightly arc towards a nearby bracket.

Another thing to consider . . . worn distributor drive gear. Not unheard of on GM distributors

Was any work performed right before the no start?

Have you checked the fuel pressure?

Your engine has the Central Port Injection system. Or the spider assembly injection system. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1053753&cc=1371215

This injection system relies on the fuel pressure to blow open the poppet injectors to introduce fuel into the cylinders. If the fuel pressure is too low the fuel injectors can’t open so the engine doesn’t start.

The fuel preassure should be 55-63 PSI.


BTW, are you sure the engine is a 4.6 liter? I thot they were 4.3

What are the symptoms of no start? Maybe the timing slipped. Belt or chain?


You are correct.

There was NEVER a 4.6 liter engine in the Astro


The engine uses a chain

Second the fuel pressure, you have to have at least 53psi to open the injectors or it wont run.

it is a 4.3l somebody got Ford on the brain