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The only way to open the door is to roll down the window!

A few days ago, in the middle of doing errands, all of a sudden my passengar side front door stopped opening from the outside on my Acura MDX. It wasn’t child lock issue. Then I noticed if you power down the window on that side, the window shifts and the door pops open! This isn’t the most fun thing to deal with with an impatient passengar and short arms! I am wondering if the window is just off track, and how much should it cost to fix??

If the window were off track I don’t think it would go up and down. At least not smoothly.

Are you saying when the window goes down the door automatically opens, or do you mean when the window is down the door handle works normally?

If you are inclined to try fixing this yourself your first step will be to open the door and remove the inner door panel so you can see what’s going on inside the door. Are you up for that?

If not I suggest you call your mechanic.

Cost to repair? If you DIY it may not be much at all. If you visit your friendly neighborhood Lexus dealer the sky’s the limit. An independent mechanic will be somewhere in between.

I will say min 2hrs labor to get the door panel off and check things out,maybe no parts involved if you are lucky,but if you need regulator and run channel this could get close to 500.00. It is bad to speculate like this I could be all wrong except for the min diagnostic labor time.

I think the problem is the rod connected to the inside door handle has popped off the handle and is loose under the inner door skin. Probably, by getting caught under the bottom of the window, the rod is getting pulled and popping the door open when the window is rolled down. This shouldn’t be hard to fix. Either the plastic tab broke off the door handle, and it would need to be replaced, or the little locking clip for the rod broke and needs to be replaced. They should be able to fix this, no problem.

I don’t know, but it will cost up to three times the amount if the door quits working and the fix gets a lot harder.