Shifter knob


Hello,I have a 78 GMC truck with a manual tranny and I want to replace the shift knob but the old one is being a bit stubborn.How would I go about getting it off?


Muscle. And slip jaw pliars. Actually, I have something better called “cannon plug pliars”, but that’s a story for another evening.


I have heard that gm made some that are splined so they are really difficult to get off,would that be my case?


Most of the older sticks had the knob screwed on so pipe pliers should do it. It has a metal threaded insert molded into the plastic knob and threads on the stick end. Probably risted on as you suspect.


This presumably has a floor mounted shifter. If it does, the knob has a jam nut to keep it from loosening. It’s on the bottom side of the knob, threaded on the shaft of the shifter just under the knob. Turn the nut with the appropriate wrench, away from the knob, which will be turning it DOWN the shifter shaft, then the knob will be free to come off.