2001 Acura 3.2TL Transmission Recall

I recall that acura had issued a warranty extesion to cover transmissions for 2001 Acura 3.2TL Transmission Recall. TMy car has 88500 miles and as of 11/20/09 the transmission has caused the engine to decellerate and bucks (as wild as Bronco.) This action is uncommanded and unpredictable. Acura has told me that the repair of is $4200 (parts and Labor.) The car Trade-in value and Private Sale (Kelly Blue Book) is between $6400 to $3700. What should I do, donate it, junk it or repair it?

Honda/Acura really screwed up in the early 2000’s with poor automatics. However besides this incredibly expensive problem the cars were really decent.

If you have already changed out the timing belt(expensive) I would simply find a few quotes to get this work done besides dealer.

$3700 or less is buying you a really decent car if kept up otherwise. If you have not changed the timing belt move on as that is a $800-$1000 item due also.

Park it down over there with the rest of them and bring the keys and plates back to the office…