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Is it a good thing or bad to replaced a transmistion for my acura tl 2004?

my uncle said its really bad thing to replaced a transmission because its not from the factor or original one and if i wanna sell my car it would be no price at all?

im so scared, what should i do ? should i keep the car? or should i not?

can anybody help me?


That year TL has known transmission issues. It even has an extended warranty that involves replacing the transmission with a better one. If I were looking for another TL, and found one from that year that had not had its transmission replaced, I wouldn’t buy it on the assumption that the transmission would go bad.

With a blown transmission, the car is scrap metal NOW…Nobody cares if the transmission is “factory” or not, they just want it to work properly…Replacing Honda transmissions is an industry all by itself so shop around for the best deal and warranty.

Evaluate the price of a new transmission against the sale or prospect of keeping the car. The transmission after fix will be as reliable as those who did the work. Find someone who will back their work get estimates, then decide what to do.

The car is already 7-8 years old. By the time you want to sell it, what’s it really going to be worth? Not a whole lot.

If the tranny is shot you have to replace it, probably with a better one than it came with. Replace it and enjoy the car. Forget about its resale price, that’s only important if you’re going to sell it next week.

Who is replacing the transmission, the dealer or someone else? Is this being done under warranty? Is this a used, rebuilt, or new transmission?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, the point remains that any working transmission is better than one that doesn’t work.

the dealer and yes in under warrant and i think is a new transmission. is it still good?

so you think should i keep it? or should i not?

i buy my car for 8,3000$ with a bad transmission and 138.000 mile already do you still think its worth it?

will be good for how long with a new transmission?

Relax, if the transmission is under warranty, go for it. Right away. Maybe it will last a long time; maybe it won’t. But, you need it fixed now to drive it. Go for it.