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2000 VW Passat

It would be greatly appreciated if someone knows if and how to turn off the ABS/brake sensor on my car. Here is the deal when ever I excelerate beyond 5 miles an hour a continuous beeping sound takes place in some instances it will stop randomly, when I am going over 65 miles and hour on the freeway. I was told that the cars have codes in order shut the sensor off (I don’t know where to find the codes) is anyone aware of the possible deactivation codes and if so, could you please tell me what it is. I am going to go deaf by drawning the beeping out with the radio or having to come up with lots of money to replace the computer…one mechanic told me…by the person doing a visual inspection.

Looking forward to your imput and thank you.

Well maybe you could fix the sensor (if that is the cause and it likely is) and then you would eliminate your problem.

How do you suggest I fix the sensor.

Before you can silence the warning signal you must figure out what it is telling you is a problem. Check your owners manual for warning signals, you would not want to ignore something safety related. Unless a module has failed a VW scanner will tell you whats going on and you can silence the warning.

I have worked on many cars and have never been presented with a continuous beeping signal. (except going to fast) I am interested in knowing what the signal means.

If you have to ask, I suggest taking it to your local independent mechanic (definitely not a quick oil change place). It should not be expensive.

You cannot determine by a “visual inspection” that a system needs a new computer.

The signal is trying to tell you that the ABS system is not properly activating for some reason. Above 5 mph is when the system becomes active. You need to have this analyzed by a capable shop and repaired to make the beeping stop. It might be as simple as a bad wheel speed sensor.

Okay, thank you for your imput.

I appreciate the advice and will follow-up with checking my owners manual and taking my car to a reputable mechanic to identify the problem and make the necessary repairs, will share the information given once the problem is identified and repaired.

Thanks for your help!