2000 automatic VW Jetta GLX with ABS wierdness

Hi all,

The computer on my aforementioned car has been warning me of an ABS fault on and off for the last few years and I have taken it to a couple of different mechanics in an attempt to address the problem but so far to no avail. The issue the computer reports is that the wheel speed sensor in my front passenger side wheel is out of range. I have had the sensor replaced on two occasions and the issue just comes back. This rarely manifests into actual problems except that very occasionally my ABS kicks in at times it really shouldn’t(which is usually followed by the ABS fault signalling).

According to my last mechanic the ring that the wheel speed sensor is reading is fine but that is as far as we got before I moved across the country(anyone know a good VW mechanic in Baltimore?).

One thing to note is that this issue seems to manifest more frequently in the summer than the winter.

As your car ages you have to make some compromises and decisions. ABS brakes and other sophisticated systems get expensive to repair on an older car. If you must have ABS brakes, consider getting a new or newer car. If this was my car I’d just pull the fuse, or relay, that would disable the ABS brakes and live without them.

With ABS brakes the car should have had its brake fluid replaced about 3 to 4 times by now. If the fluid was not changed, old contaminated fluid could be part of your problem. Perhaps a caliper is hanging up?