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ABS/STOP! Brake Failure!

I have a 2000 VW Passat which i bought used from a dealer about two months ago. First the indicators stopped working but have since resolved themselves. Now i’ve been getting my ABS, brake, ASR/EDL lights coming on and having my car beep loudly with a warning for me to stop that there has been a brake failure. My car is running fine. What’s going on?

My guess is there’s something amiss in the ABS system. If you’re lucky it’s just a bad sensor or poor connection. Only a scan of the ABS computer can tell where the problem is. This will require a trip to the dealer or your local independent VW specialist.

If the car is telling you to stop driving perhaps you should listen to it. Brake system failure is something that can ruin your whole day.

On some vehicles the light is a multi-use light. It will light up when it detects a brake failure…it will also light up when the brake fluid is low or the parking brake is on.