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ABS on my Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat (V6). Recently, my ABS has been acting up, and every time I come to a complete stop (under 5mph), the ABS goes off and my brakes pump.

I brought it in to get it looked at by FOUR private dealers, but when they hook it up to their computer systems, they find no issues. Also, all four have looked at my brakes and roters, and said they’re fine. 2 of them told me they had never seen it before and were completely stumped. The other two had suggested that my ABS module needs to be reprogrammed by my local dealer.

However, I contacted the local dealer who told me there was no way it was my ABS module, but it was definitely my brakes and roters (I’m 95% certain they’re going to try and get me to replace those before getting to the real problem).

Anyone have any thoughts? I’m completely stumped, and I don’t really want to replace my brakes and roters before it’s necessary.

I appreciate any feedback. Cheers.

I would suspect a marginal wheel speed sensor.

As would I. Find a different dealer. If that’s not possible, offer to let the dealer replace your brakes and rotors only if they agree, in writing, to refund your money if that doesn’t fix the problem. (Hint: They won’t do that). Then tell them to look at the sensors.

Thanks! I’ll try that!

Ive had the same problem before with my Passat then my friend advised me to try asking Volkswagen repair about what should i do to prevent it. they helped me fix it by myself without spending that much.