2000 VW Passat ABS Electric System Replacement

Two months ago the VW dealership replaced my girlfriends brake pads for $900. This past weekend the ABS and brake warning light came on. We took it to the same VW dealership. They claim the following:

1)abs electrical system needs to be replaced = 1,005.00 (excluding tax)

2)60,000 mi. check-up = 320.00

3)brake fluid needs to be flushed = 150.00

My question, wouldn’t they have detected this problem, when replacing the brake pads two months back. Also, brake fluid, same thing, detected two months ago?

What should we do? Any help would be appreciated.

Justin Greger

Arlington, VA

Common problem on Passats ! No , the dealer didn’t screw up - the most likely cause of the alarm is the ABS control module failed ! This design has very thin wiring inside and it cracks over time ! BTW even though it says Bosch on the module its really a jap design that Bosch bought ! To fix it take a look at Modulemaster.com ! They do rebuilds with a five year guarantee for about $200 plus shipping ! I had mine done and while it’s a moderate pita to remove it only takes an hour or so ! For more info look at the Passatworld site - look up ABS failure

Which Bosch do I need. 5.3 or 5.7? Can I lookup by the VIN #?

Look at the modulemaster site . It tells you all you need to identify the module and how to take it out !

And the brake flush is about twice what it should cost and the 60,000 mile service price is ridiculous ! You can save a ton of money by using an independent shop or better yet doing it yourself !

What will happen If abs system module is not fixed? My mechanic put car up and said brakes and break pads look fine-

Also, what does it mean when both break light and ABS light are on at the same time but you’ve had all your brakes inspected and they are all fine?