2000 toyota check engine light

2000 Toyota Camry 2.2 Liter engine automatic will not pass smog check due to the check engine light.The car runs great so I’m not sure why the engine light turns on could it be a bad sensor?

You need to get the check engine light codes read and then fix the issue, or post back so someone here is help direct you to a solution. Without the error code, any guessing about sensors is pointless. Advance Auto and Autozone will read the codes for free. Post back the exact code here.

The problem could be as simple as a leaking gas cap; as complex as EGR underflow, or as expensive as a Catalytic Converter inefficiency. Without the Diagnostic Trouble Code neither you nor the mechanic will know where to start. So have the computer scanned and bring the codes to this site and we can point closer to the problem. You don’t want to use the shotgun approach of replacing parts until the light goes out.

Help us help you.