2000 Toyota Camry Check engine light

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry with about 136,000 miles on it. Recently because it was making a loud noise and because the check engine light was on we got the exhaust system changed at Coles and this made the car silent as before.
The mechanic there checked the check engine light code and reset it and he said it was an Evap code.
He checked the fuel cap and found it to be OK. He said that if it comes back again I have to get it checked by some one who has a smoke machine to detect the leak and this could cost me about $100/- to set it right.
The check engine light has come back again.
Please advise.

We need to know the exact code that was stored to determine the EVAP problem.



The vapor management valve may be faulty

Common on Toyotas, apparently

But you still have to post the exact code, please

Without the exact code(s) we can only guess wildly.
It’d help to post any other symptoms if there are any, like an occasional gas smell or whatever.

We can’t help at all without a code. I have many years Toyota dealer exp, but my crystal ball is broken. Please advise