2000 Toyota Camry Check Engine Light Codes

I had my 2000 Toyota Camry with 133,921 miles on it seen because of the check engine light.
The codes obtained at the repair shop were:
P0136: Oxygen Sensor CKT Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 2
P0446: Evap Control system Vent CKT Malfunction
They then ran a smoke test and found that the charcoal canister was leaking and needed replacement.
The approximate cost to replace canister was quoted as $480.00 and labor plus tax and approximate cost to replace oxygen sensor was quoted as $241.77 plus labor and tax.
The mechanic said that not doing the above would not affect the car’s performance or its safety but it would not pass inspection with the check engine light on and with those codes.
My New York State inspection is due in November 2013.
Please advise.

Yes, you definitely need to fix both those codes.

Is this a mechanic you know and trust? If not, you could try to get a second opinion. But if you do trust what the mechanic told you about the canister leak, you don’t have much choice but to go ahead and get a new canister and oxygen sensor.

The prices quoted seem reasonable, time and labor. Those codes themselves don’t identify the exact problems. I’m assuming your shop did add’l diagnostic & determined it is being caused by the canister and which of the multiple O2 sensors your car probably has. Provided the diagnosis is correct, you’re getting off with a good deal I think. Why wait until November when it is raining and snowy and cold to deal with this. It has to be done anyway. Now is a better time.

Thank you for your comments. Very helpful. I have two questions: i) Is the car safe to drive and ii) if so can I not get the code reset just prior to the inspection?
Thank you


The car is safe to drive

If you reset the code “just prior to the inspection” you are doing yourself no favor

The code will be gone

But all the monitors will reset to incomplete . . . all monitors save 1 must be ready

The tester will send you away because of that . . . and he’ll probably know what you’re up to

Thank you.