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2000 Toyota Avalon 3.0 Liter Evaporator canister

I just talked to a mechanic today. He stated with the evaporative canister I would also need to get a selenoid valve. To properly fix the evaporative canister, what do I need? I could save $100 or more if I buy the canister online. Thank you.

If the mechanic is going to do the work he will not warranty the part or labor if you furnish parts.


He probably meant the vent valve . . . that often goes along with the canister

Yes you are right. Thank you. I think the part will be $280 from auto zone. He said he would match the price. I think an extra $100 may be worth the cost.

Would you buy the parts yourself? Then have a mechanic do the work? or Have the mechanic furnish the parts and install them. The difference between the two is about $100. Thank you.



I would have the mechanic locate and install the parts himself

That way, he’ll likely warranty labor AND parts for a period of time. He’ll mark up the parts modestly, because he has to make a fair profit. If he doesn’t, he won’t be in business for long

I absolutely agree.
Many if not most shops will not install parts purchased over the internet by the customer. There’s too much junk out there, and if something goes wrong the shop understandably does not want to be blamed… and does not want you trying to hold him responsible for the cost of correcting the problem by removing and replacing the bad part. It’s unfair to a mechanic to bring in a box of parts and have him install them.

I’ll third that advice. If the shop is doing the work, let the shop obtain the parts. Otherwise you can get into a disagreement about who’s responsible to fix it, if the part doesn’t work out of the box (a not uncommon thing) or fails soon after the installation.

From reading your other tread this charcoal canister replacement appears to be based on speculation, did you have this diagnosed?

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