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2000 toyota camry question

I have a 2000 toyota camry with 4 cylinder. They told me I cannot pass inspection because two parts need to be replaced and they are very expensive. They told me it will cost close to 1000 dollars. One part is the Catalytic converter and the other is the Evap canister. Can anyone suggest a place where I can buy these two parts used in order to reduce the cost.

The pollution control systems on the 2000 era Camry are complicated and prone to throw Check engine lights meaning you won’t pass inspections until the light is off.

Often the catalytic converter isn’t really bad, just the sensors before and behind it. You need a second opinion on whether or not the cat is bad to the point of restricting exhaust flow. If you have been running the car “out of tune” which means a rough running misfiring engine that will kill a catalytic converter.

The evaporation canister gets overused when you fill the gas tank improperly. Repeatedly clicking the fuel nozzle to fill the tank all the way to the top is bad for the canister. Sometimes you can fill the tank up to 3/4 and no more and after a few months the canister might clear itself a bit. It is full of charcoal and if it has been abused to much for too long, you simply have to replace it.

If you are getting your prices from a Toyota dealer, check with some independent shops in your area for prices. The cat and evap canister replacements are both pretty nasty jobs on this car, not DIY stuff unless you have a lot of experience.

I think it is illegal fot a wrecking yard to sell a used converter

im trying to buy an evaporator canister online but every picture of a 2000 toyota camry 4 cylinder looks different. Do you happen to know what it looks like and can you send me the link of a picture of it. Thank you.

and also do they call the vapor canister the carbon canister also. Are they both the same thing?

I am with @Uncle Turbo, definitely get a second opinion, and a dealer may be the place to go.

vapor canister and carbon canister are the same thing.

This is the part for USA made Camrys

Get a second opinion on the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the 2000 Camry I-4 had its primary catalytic converter, the one that’s monitored, intergrated into the exhaust manifold. I’ve attached a picture. The secondary catalytic coverter, the small through-canister in the aft half of the exhaust pipes, will do you no good to change.

Toyota has taken this approach to reduce emissions by heating the catalyst up hotter and faster. Temps out the ports are much higher than they are a few feet down the pipe. The drop is rapid.

Just as an FYI, the attached link shows the 2005 version of the cat converter on the Camry engine. The tC uses the same negine as the Camry.