Charcoal Canister

According to an overpriced dealer, the Charcoal Canister on my Hyundai Santa Fe is faulty and they want $490 to fix it. This seems excessive and I didn’t want to spend that kind of $ on this car.

Any thoughts our experience out there?



Get a second opinion from an independent shop.
If you want to DIY, check out or a local parts store for their pricing.

When changed, make sure you don’t top off the gas tank past the first stop on the fuel nozzle. Most of the time the charcoal canister becomes a problem when folks overzealously top off when they fuel.

Find an independent mechanic and save some money.

Third one in favor of independent mechanic.

But even then you have to be very careful about how things get diagnosed. You must have a “check engine light” on - yes? That has produced a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and your dealer has decided that a new canister is the fix. But often diagnosis is not very careful, the part gets replaces and then the light comes back on and trips the very same DTC.

So do get an independent mechanic, but you can also get your actual DTCs and post them here for comment/advice. The format of the codes is P0123 - that’s what people need. Large auto parts chain stores will often read these for free. Your dealer may have written it on your invoice/estimate. If you take it to an independent shop they should read them and you can post them before having the work done if you’re not sure about things.

Do you top off your tank when you fill it? If so, this is much more likely to be a correct diagnosis.

How old is this car? I am curious how old a Hyundai Santa Fe has to be before it is worth less than $490.

I think you should shop around for a better price, but today’s cars cost more to maintain and repair than they did years ago. Why do we accept inflation in other industries, but not auto repair? My opinion is that $490 doesn’t sound too excessive for this kind of repair.

You don’t top off your gas tank when you fill it up, do you?

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WHY are you even considering replacing the canister?? CEL problem? Emissions test problem? Why? If your car is running FINE, why spend $500 to “fix” it??

Even if you don’t believe in the effectiveness of gasoline vapor recovery systems, and you think gasoline vapors contain vitamin C, evidence has shown the fumes are noxious and damage the Ozone layer. Hydrocarbons have a way of doing that.

danefarnum, no matter what Caddyman tells you, this charcoal canister is worth fixing.

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I agree with you caddyman- this car if like mine will just keep costing more $$-that’s why they sell them cheap they make their money from all the labor and parts cost.

I’m not familiar with this canister, but I have actually dried one out by removing it and leaving it in the full hot sun with all the tubes off. Of course, that assumes you have access to the sunshine.

Hopefully the OP has figured it out after 8 yrs and 4 months.