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Evaporator Canister 2000 Toyota Avalon

Could the car stalling while idling be related to a bad evaporator canister? It happens intermittently. Thanks

How long does it take for a mechanic to install an evaporator canister? What is a good price to ask for installation? Thank you.

I would vote no.
Is there a reason you think your canister is bad?

Yes, sorry I did not state that fact. Codes show it is the canister. It hesitates sometimes. On occasion it has stalled at a light. I was told that the canister would not cause these problems. Went toyota dealer and auto zone for codes.


$700 to fix!!! No way!

Well . .just the evap canister , Dorman 911-630, is $ 225.00 and up depending on source.

About 20 years ago, a friend of mine paid a little over $400 for a Toyota dealership to replace the evaporative emissions canister on his Highlander.
With the passage of so many years, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a dealership charged $700 for that replacement in 2017.

Sometimes the little bits of carbon in the canister will dissolve or break down (usually caused by the owner overfilling the tank, but not always) & then the dissolved carbon gets sucked into some engine part or another and clogs it up. There’s only supposed to be air and fuel coming in to the canister, and air and fuel going out. None of the carbon is supposed to ever get out. But if that happens it is possible for the canister’s carbon to damage engine parts. Which could make the engine start and/or run/idle poorly. Make sure your shoptchecks the purge valve, that it isn’t clogged up w/carbon.

fyi, Toyota bulletin 1289 9.17.03 might be of help to your shop if you are getting P0440, P0441, P0446 codes. Something to do w/the canister vacuum switching valve.

To replace the canister, I’m seeing about $350 for the part and about an hour labor.

thank you you for helping reply

I think I found one for $165. Thank you for your reply.

thank you for your help/the car runs great/I just need to find a way to get this fixed.