2000 Saturn Series LS1

My Saturn 2000 LS1 has an intermittent start up problem. If the ignition doesn’t complete engagement, the engine shuts down. After a 12-15 minute wait, I try to start again, it engages and starts. (I think it has a computer and the computer has to be re-set, thus the delay and re-start)

Nothing shows up on code except “security” but no fix.

I noticed using the remote caused this problem more often. So no longer use it. Also, got a new ignition key which helped. We think it has something to do with “security” as the light comes on…intermittently. Is there a replacement part for the “security” system? A fix.? Checking your site, no one else seems to have had this problem.

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

(I am 83 (F) and NOT car savvy at all, so forgive if I left something out)

It sounds like you’re having the same problem as this owner, and possibly the same answer:

From expert “Steve:”

“Your Saturn has a factory security system called “Passlock”. There is a signal generator built into the ignition switch lock housing; when the correct key is turned in the ignition this sends a signal to the car’s body control module. The BCM compares this signal to the one programmed into it’s memory; if they match the BCM then sends a message out over the car’s data network that is received by the powertrain control module; once this message is received the PCM then allows the fuel injectors to operate so the engine will start.
To find out where the problem might be in your car, you will need to take it in to a GM dealer or a repair shop that has a Tech-2 scan tool. The security system can generate fault codes just like the other electronic systems in the car, but the ONLY scan tool that can access the security system to see what is going on is the factory one (tech-2).
The most common failure in this system is a faulty ignition lock housing (around $250). However, an internal BCM fault or a poor electrical connection somewhere in the system can have the same effect.
This is not really the kind of problem you can accurately diagnose at home, since the factory scan tool is needed for testing’ for that reason you may want to take this one in to your mechanic to be fixed. If not repaired, eventually the trick of leaving the ignition on for 15 minutes will not work consistently and you may end up having to be towed in (which can often cost more than the repair).”

The web is now full of ways to fix up a permanent bypass for the GM Passlock system. You’ll need someone with basic electronics knowledge .


My snap on scanner does GM passlock. Snap on is a common brand. I’ve used it to diagnose and repair passlock problems on GM vehicles.

My point is that there are probably plenty of independent shops that can diagnose and repair the problem. All you need is the factory service manual and a capable scan tool.

There are probably plenty of guys in those small, independent shops that have experience with this problem.

And the independent shop will have significantly lower labor rate

I soldered a resistor into one last year. No more issues as of yet. You can google the procedure, and save the cost of the ignition lock cylinder. It’s probably bad.

For future reference, questions of this sort belong in the ‘Repair and Maintenance’ section rather than here. You’d probably get more responses there.