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2000 Saturn SL

My Saturn 2000 LS1 has an intermittent start up problem. If the ignition doesn’t complete engagement, the engine shuts down. After a 12=15 minute wait, I try to start again and it engages and starts. (I think the computer has to be re-set, thus the delay)

Nothing shows up on code except “security” but no fix.

I noticed using the remote caused this problem more often. So no longer use it. Also, got a new ignition key which helped. We think it has something to do with “security” as the light comes on…intermittently. Is there a replacement part for the “security” system? Checking your site, no one else seems to have had this problem.

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

(I am 83 (F) and NOT car savvy at all, so forgive if I left something out)

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