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2006 Saturn Ion Won't Start

My 2006 Saturn Ion regularly, especially on cold mornings, will not start. Seems to be connected to the “PassLock” security system that shuts down the fuel system. Won’t even turn over. I wait 10 minutes then it almost always starts up. Anyone know what my options are or possible fixes?

Describe what you mean by “Turnover” Does it mean it will not start and operate under it’s own power or does it mean the starter will not turn the flywheel that turns the engine?

The engine is totally dead when this happens. Lights and “dings” come on when key is in the “run” position, but when turned to start nothing happens.

If the PassLock system was shutting down the fuel system, the engine would still crank. On my Mopar vehicle, it will start and run for 2 seconds before the security system shuts off the motor if the correct transponder key is not used. Not sure about GM, but I’m still pretty sure it would crank or “turn over”

I think you have a different problem. Does everything die and go dark when you turn the key, or do the lights, etc. stay on, but there is no noise whatsoever? Or is there any kind of click?

Lights, etc. stay on. No noise. No clicks. No crank.

Easy fix. I fixed my 03 Ion this way 2 years ago with a simple fix. Try replacing the ignition switch on the car. It is easy to do and costs a mere $20. Apparently they used some crappy grease or what not on the original one that will freeze in the winter. If you go to a saturn dealer they will most likely magically fix the problem for $200+ but doesn’t hurt to try to replace the Ignition Switch. Worked for me and never had any problems after that. Its sad that saturn doesn’t acknowldge this as a problem but it doesn’t have to do with safety so no recall… Just our misery and confusion.More information here:

By now, you probably already fixed your problem. I broke down & too my 2006 Saturn Ion 3 to the dealer. He said it was a bad ingnition sensor. They replaced the switch and (so far) the problem was solved. I cost me about $150. BTW last month, my power steering light came on. I pulled into a parts store & bought power steering fluid. I could not find where the p.s. reservior was so I called my mechanic. Turns out, it is electronic. I took the car to the dealer who said there is a recall on the power steering sensor. My car has less than 100k miles, so it was fixed for free. You may wanna look into that. The recall is for the power steering sensor on the Cobalt, HHR and other GM cars, but it also includes Saturn