2000 Saab turbo or throttle body or pcv hose?



Starting last August my 2000 Saab 9-5 V6 with 160K started stalling right after starting and again when cruising at highway speed usually around 70mph. A form of the check engine light is on with tcs off also on. The car is in limp mode. I brought it to Saab for diagnostics. They told me it was the throttle body and they would replace it for $600. I however asked all my guy friends and got some free help. Cleaning the Throttle body helped at first but gradually that no longer worked. I then purchased a used throttle body however when my friend took the old one out there was engine oil in there. So we did not replace it until we can figure out where the engine oil is coming from. First guess was turbo seals which is supported as when the turbo kicks in it is very lurchey where it had not been in the past. Other symptoms include; decreased gas mileage, gas fumes inside the car, stahls until it warms up then it idles fine the stalling at highway speed is once it gets warm and my guess is when I am not giving it enough gas it stahls. I am wondering weather I should just get a used turbo as there are a lot of miles on this turbo or take it in and see what else i could be. I found online that pcv hoses may also be the problem. I thought I would ask on here and see if anyone has any ideas. I do not notice any smoke during acceleration either. Thanks for any help!


Check the oil drain-back tube from the turbo to the engine block. This tube can get obstructed from oil sludge and prevent the oil from leaving the turbo. This then causes the oil to be pushed past the turbo seal on the compressor side where it’s then found in the throttle body.



Is your CEL (check engine light) on? If so go to one of the parts store near you that pulls the OBDII codes for free and have them pull the codes and post the code numbers here not their description. What I’m thinking is you may have blow by in your engine and vaccum line or PVC may be putting to much oil thru your throttle body and in turn you may have a exhaust blockage. Just a guess at this point. Need the codes if possible.