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Excessive exhaust smoke when first starting out

What’s causing my car to create excessive exhaust smoke when I start out? After awhile the smoking diminishes & then stops for a while. If i get held up in traffic it will start smoking again.

It Very Well Could Be Worn Out Valve Stem Seals, A Major Player In Exhaust Smoke And Oil Consumption.

Your car has the classic symptoms.

Have the PCV system checked, too. Check both the PCV valve and the tubes/hoses.

Also, sludge in the cylinder head could cause oil to pool if it can’t drain properly. Have it checked for sludge, too.


What Model Year Is The Saab 9 - 5 And About How Many Miles?

Has it had recommended oil change intervals and is it running on conventional or synthetic oil? Is it a Turbo?


The Saab is a 2002 9-5 Linear. It has had all recommended oil changes. I’m not sure if synthetic oil was used in each change. It is not a turbo. It has approx 92,000 miles.