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Finicky Saab (any surprize?!?)

My Saab has a rather annoying problem - there are times when I’ve driven it a short distance, get out of the car for a period of time, get back into it and try to start it and it does not start. It lights up like a Christmas tree, but there is no sound of the fuel pump starting, no cranking of the engine, nadah! After waiting anywhere from 5 to 55 minutes, I can try turning it over again and it will start. I have tried to have my mechanic diagnose the problem, but they are unable to duplicate. This is getting very frustrating. What’s up with that?!?

What year is your Saab? It sounds like an anti-theft system problem. If you have another key, try using a different key. Perhaps the battery in the chip is getting tired?

Do you have an automatic transmission? If you do then shift to neutral the next time this happens. If it starts, you have a bad neutral safety switch.

That’s A Real Saab Story. Please Indicate The Model-Year Of This Vehicle. Sometimes It Make A Difference. Nott Aall Saabs Aare Iidentical.


The suggestions above are good ones.

In addition…GO HERE…

I have owned over 8 Saab’s in my time and got quite familiar with their idiosyncrasies. I used to frequent that site all the time…I cant imagine how many issues I have fixed quickly because of that site…It’s invaluable for any Saabnut

It’s a 2001 9-5 wagon. Have tried multiple keys to the same effect.

This sounded promising as it has an automatic transmission, so I tried it. Unfortunately, the car still wouldn’t turn on with the transmission in neutral.

It’s a 2001 9-5 wagon.

I flat do not remember if this year model uses a junction terminal or not but that would by my first suspect followed by the ignition switch.

The junction terminal is usually located near the battery positive terminal and all electrical power for the car goes through this terminal except for the starter motor main current.
These terminals develop corrosion or scale and can be very iffy and act up on an erratic basis. Cleaning generally solves the problem and this is easy to do.

After that, I would suspect the electrical part of the ignition switch.

(The junction terminal hiccup is also something that some GM models go through now and then.)