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2000 pos neon

i have a neon and it is flasing p0107 p0108 p1193 if anyone can tell me what these problem codes are i would be greatful it sputters and all that shit i should add it has a 98 motor from the junk yard that runs like shit i dont want to pay one hundered bucks from the dealer for the bearings to rebuild the other one


Do you mean that you are dissatisfied with the vehicle’s performance?
P1193 code is for “the iat (intake air temperature sensor) has high voltage output”. Codes P0107 and P0108 are for signals from the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) [roughly, vacuum measurement].
You could measure the outputs from the MAP sensor, and the iat sensor with a multimeter and the repair manual. Or, you could see what affects replacing those sensors would have.

Hey, they got rid of the bad language filters!

Bad language filters don’t apply to the Neon POS model. Half the owner’s manual is written in bad language. Instructions for changing a %&*$#@ flat tire.

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