1998 Plymouth Neon P1899 Code

Ok, ready for a new head scratcher? After replacing the starter, the battery cables, the camshaft position sensor, several hoses that were broken and/or disconnected, a wire for the transmission “forgot the name of it, but technically it was a cable with a piece of plastic that connected to the throttle”, air filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, battery temperature sensor, ignition coil, several missing fuses, I got a new code. This code came up and I believe it is the same code that came up before, but I think it got masked by the battery temperature sensor and the “random cylinder misfire.” It only appears when I reach speeds of 60 mph or above, the code is P1899 and when I took it to Autozone, Oreilly’s, and Dick Poe Dodge, they were unable to figure out what the code meant. So I am hoping someone out there has been able to decode this code, and was able to fix it. Any help would be awesome! And I thank you in advance!

P1899, Park/neutral switch failure. This can cause erratic behavior with the lock-up torque converter (surging).

Dick Poe Dodge, they were unable to figure out what the code meant. Did you pay a diagnostic fee? I suspect they would not offer an exact repair to remedy this fault. Examine the neutral safety switch for curb damage. Check the wiring near the connector for breaks. Test the switch for continuity or simply replace it.

A list of codes

It’s a simple problem. You have a neutral safety switch stuck in park or gear. The component is bad or the shift linkage is loose or not adjusted correctly. The code can be found everywhere so I really don’t see how anyone could miss it. Remember…Google can be your best friend. I got over 22,000 responses in about 1 second.

the code is P1899 and when I took it to Autozone, Oreilly's, and Dick Poe Dodge, they were unable to figure out what the code meant.

Unable to figure out the code? Or unable to give and exact diagnosis? Not giving an exact diagnosis I understand as there is more testing needed, switch or wiring circuit. But a Dodge dealer unable to figure out what the code means? I would stay far,far away from that dealer.

“I would stay far,far away from that dealer.”

I agree. It’s so simple that the lady at the reception counter could probably answered your question.

Is this the right part then? Just in case 1998 plymouth neon sohc 3 speed transmission. http://m.1aauto.com/neutral-safety-switch/i/1azns00003?f=485755&y=1998&utm_campaign=gb_csv_br&utm_content=ZNS&gclid=CJ_vz82ZiMcCFVE7gQodLUkH1A

Ok, I replaced the Neutral Safety Switch, and the car runs well now. But as soon as I drove it up to 55 mph, the check engine light came back on, and it is still throwing out the P1899 code. Any thoughts?

I’m wondering about these missing fuses that you replaced.

You do know that some places in the fuse box will not be used, because you do not have that certain option. So the fuse is never installed in the first place.

I wonder if you could have powered one of the unused circuits and the computer is getting the signal from the circuit, but it cannot “self test” because the item was never installed.

Maybe one of the more informed members here could answer if that is even possible.


Did you inspect the wiring to the neutral safety switch for breaks? The wiring is mounted low and susceptible to curb damage.

If you can obtain a scan tool you can monitor the park/neutral input to see if it is functioning correctly.

The reason this is monitored and sets a fault code is that the lock-up torque converter won’t engage if the computer does not see an out of park/neutral state.

A new symptom appeared, the speedometer started going ecstatic, and I am unsure if that is a short or possibly the PCM. Any thoughts?

Also I checked the wiring and it seemed to be alright.

So, you have a happy speedometer? Oh…erratic

That’s what I meant…

I found the problem turned out to be the ecm.