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P0441 Code on 03 Neon SXT Auto

I’ve had the P0441 code on my Neon SXT for about 2 years now. Intermittent at first (only happening in warm, dry weather), but then got constant. I’ve had the purge solenoid replaced, but that only kept the code away for 48 hours (this was about 3 months ago). It’s really getting irritating as I’m in Houston, TX which requires emissions testing unlike most of the rest of the state (Houston, Austin, Dallas are the 3 major areas) and won’t pass with check engine light on. Any other ideas what to replace?

In addition to the solenoid there should also be a purge valve. Its probably cheaper than the solenoid and not too hard to replace. Other than that you should check all of the lines for breaks/splits/disconnects. Do you tend to get a whiff of gas fumes around the car?

No gas fumes. I haven’t found where the valve was, nor any place that sells it. The solenoid is only about $50 so it’s not bad for this car and if the valve is in it, then maybe the mechanic that replaced it got a bad one. I’ve replaced the gas cap as well just to be on the safe side before replacing the solenoid and no dice there either. I do know that my gas mileage has been getting a little worse, too (not like it ever got good mileage to begin with). There’s been another new problem with it as well, if I don’t have the AC on and I’m stopped at a traffic light my idle engine speed will drop to down around 500 RPM or less until I goose the throttle or put the car in neutral, then it will go back up to the usual idle of 750. Only happens with the AC off, though. Not with it on.