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2004 pontiac grand am cranks but won't start

It just happened today and thought maybe the cold weather had something to do with it. The battery works, and the gas is full. I even tried the security trick. Are there any other quick fixes I could do before letting a mechanic take over?

You have to check for spark and fuel pressure when the engine won’t fire up.

For a quick test for a lack of fuel pressure (or the lack of fuel) remove the air intake hose from the throttle body and spray a little starting fluid in while cranking the starter. (Unless you have reeeeeaaaaalllly long arms, you’ll need a helper to do this.

If it fires up, then quits immediately, you have a fuel supply problem.

You might borrow a scan tool at the auto parts store and read the code(s). Sometimes you get lucky and solve the problem with no previous experience.