2000 Nissan Maxima GLE. Sunroof does not work

I have checked all fuses, relays, etc that I know about. In fact, I pulled all of the fuses out and checked. The switches test good for connectivity.

The sunroof is closed, but needs to tilt up (if that makes sense) to fully close it and seat the weather strip. I have tried everything and it was working fine last week with no issue. There is no sound from the motor when the switches are pressed.

Any help is appreciated. Everything else electrical in the car works fine.

In case you didn’t have it already, here’s a schematic to your car’s sunroof circuitry. Is that circuit breaker tripped, perhaps? I doubt that if the diode in that circuit going bad does what you describe - it seems to just be there to supply power while starting.
The motor is a bit more than just a ‘motor’, as you can tell from the schematic. I’d make sure you see the levels one would expect, static and with the button’s pressed. Also make sure it doesn’t ‘think’ it is sitting at a limit. If it still refuses to move, that motor is the prime suspect, imo.

The problem might be with the Smart Entrance Control Unit.

I have 2001 Infinty QX4 (Nissan) in the shop right now with an inoperative sunroof. Ran power directly to the sunroof motor and the motor operates. The drivers side window also fuctions intermittently. The window is also controlled thru the Smart Entrance Control Unit.


I will look at the schematic. Can I ask where the Smart Entrance Control Unit is located?

My 1995 Civic they were smart enough to have a manual “backup” of removing a cover and simply using the end of jack handle or flat bald screwdriver to close my sunroof. Have you checked your manual to see if this “incredible” engineering IMHO was included if you only goal is to properly close it?