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2000 Neon with electrial problems

Please help! I have a 2000 dodge neon with electrical problems. First, the wipers wont turn off. They turn on when I turn the lights on and stay on at a single speed. During the day when lights are not on, wipers still come on for a few minutes every 10 minutes or so. Second, the fog lights wont turn off and the regular head lights wont turn on. I’ve been using the brights. Third, the passenger window switch does not work.
I was told that replacing the combination switch would fix the wiper and lights issue but it hasn’t. I replaced it about 3 months go and nothing. I believe it got worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Open the hood and tighten the ground screw behind the right headlight near the windshield washer reservoir. The right parking light, fog lights and the washer pump share the same ground.