Interior Light Keeps Coming On

When parked and not running, the interior lights in my 2000 Ford Crown Victoria keep coming on and stay on for a minute or so and then go off. A minute later they go on again and then off. What’s up with that?

Sounds like one of the door switches is shorting out.

Do the interior lights, when working normally, stay on for a minute after you close the door? If so, this may be a bad body control module. A shorted door switch would tend to make the light stay on constantly, as if the door was left open. The timer mechanism that keeps the lights on for a while after the door closes sounds more likely in this case.

Probably a bad/sticking door switch.

Ford doesn’t call them body modules. I believe on that year it was called an LCM (Lighting control module). They later changed the functions around a bit and it would be the FEM (Front Electronics Module). Door switch problems are far more common than LCM or FEM issues. A door switch making partial contact will cause the symptoms described.

Well, certainly the door switch is the thing to check first. It’s cheaper and easier to check. But, I expect intermittent switch issues to occur with motion, not just sitting there. Not saying it’s impossible, just my guess would be the electronics.

Sounds as if the door latch is sticking. Flood the door latch with PB Blast.