Interior lights stay on

My 2001 Ford Ranger’s interior lights remain on indefinitely after I shut it down, remove key and close all doors properly.

What’s up?

First, there’s almost always a way to turn the interior lights to full on even when the doors are closed. So figure out where that switch is and make sure it is set to operate on door only.

If you know that isn’t a problem look on the door frame for the switch(es), and check and clean them - they’re often little push button-types of mechanisms that the door pushes in when it closes. If something is wrong there, then the car won’t “know” that the door is closed.

The door switches on my 98 Ford Windstar were in the door latch. Spraying CRC Electrical Contact cleaner or WD-40 into the door latch while working the door handle cleans the switch contacts. This worked for the Windstar on a few occasions.

Ed B.

I had the same problem with a Ranger a few years ago. The interior lights decided to stay on constantly. The problem was not the dashboard switch. I resorted to removing the bulbs so I could drive the truck at night. I never figured out what was causing it, but it went away on its own after a few days. I discovered that the lights would eventually go off but it took an hour or more.

It’s not in the door latch-checked that but thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, this Ranger does seem to have it’s own quirky personality and it just may be afraid of the dark! Wish there was an easy answer. Thanks all.

This is a common problem for the Ford trucks in those years. The trouble is due to a dirty door switch. The switch is inside the door on the latch. Cleaning the switch should fix you up. The lights should go out after some time as the light control module should shut them off to save the battery.

You stated that you checked the switches but didn’t say how. Unless you checked them electrically and proved they weren’t at fault then I think you are going to have to check them again.