Interior light problem



Interior lights stay on for 25 to 30 minutes after car is parked and turned off. Int. lights will also go on and off periodicly when driving as well as after being parked. I am told this is not unconnon with this model.


The switches that notice the door opening are in the latches or hinges. Find them and spray with WD40 or something similar. In this case, one might need replacement. They turn off after 20 minutes because the light control module turns off all the lights after 25-30 minutes so people that leave them on won’t be left with a weak or dead battery. If you want to figure out which door switch is sticking, find the LCM and check the inputs from the door switches. They are probably suppose to be continuous to ground when the door is open.


1999 Windstar - interior lights flashed off and on while driving. Parked car for nite, would not start the next morning, made that rattling sound(?). Pulled interior lites fuse, an the car started. It’s been months since it happen and and the car still starts strong.


I have a Ford Crapstar and I have the same problem. Soak the door latches with PB Blast. I have also heard the the problem might be in the ignition switch or a wire problem in the rear roof (?).

Ford Windstar/Crapstar/Junkstar have had problems since they were introduced. First it was engine and transmission troubles so as a fair trade they solved those troubles and installed a variety of electric problems. Last generation Windstars can have interior lamp/door lock/instrument panel cluster issues.