2000 Mazda Miata: Metal-on-metal scraping noise when reversing

I drive a fixer-upper 2000 Miata SE. When I turn in reverse, like to get out of a parking spot, I get this awful, intermittent scraping noise. Imagine a sci-fi movie where some ancient rusted megabot stands up for the first time in 1,000 years - that’s basically the noise. I’m thinking the most likely culprits are the LSD and the steering column. But it only happens in reverse, which doesn’t fit with the steering column theory (I think), and it sounds like it’s coming from the front, which doesn’t fit with the LSD. Any similar experience stories or assistance would be much appreciated!

This is a far out guess, but it might be a front universal joint. The Miata is a rear wheel drive and I have heard of this problem in other rear wheel drive vehicles (not Miatas).

I’ve seen both brake wear indicators and bent dust shields act this way. Sorry, but you’re gonna have to take a look-see from the underbelly.

I’m going out on a limb here and suggest that it will do the same thing going forward under the identical conditions, but that it is more difficult to meet these conditions when going forward. I think you will find something that limits the angle that the front wheels can be turned. This thing was once covered in plastic so that it didn’t make noise.

When going in reverse and turning and then hitting the brake, the front end will pitch more than breaking while going forward. Its the pitching with the wheels turned to their limit that makes the noise. My 97 Nissan Pickup does the same thing, mostly in reverse but sometimes it will do it going forward on a tight turn and I hit a bump.

My first guess is that the wheel is rubbing against something, maybe against the plastic engine-bottom windscreen. Does this occur only when the steering wheel is turned almost fully one way? Does it occur turning one way, but not the other? Both would indicate a wheel-rub problem.

The second most likely is a brake problem. Could be as simple as the front pads have worn out and need replacing. The brake pads are designed to make a terrible noise when they almost worn out. It’s a safety feature. Hope it is that, as that is inexpensive to fix. Or it could be a stuck brake caliper.

rear brake pads. I have the same issue. since brakes brake forward and dont like to stop backwards, they do it like that. To try and remedy, try brake stop squick glue thing.