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Miata metal screetch noise

Shortly after I bought a 2004 Miata MX5, I heard a loud clunk in the rear area. Since then, I have had a loud periodic noise like metal-on-metal screetch which is now a more muted metal scrape/rub. This occurs when starting or stopping, forwards or backwards, on hill or level, with the brake depressed and not the clutch, and with the clutch in and not the brake.It doesn’t occur every time and never when a mechanic is near, tho it’s occurring more frequently now. Car was in single-car accident (ice spin at 65 mph, rear into dirt bank) 6-12 months before first clunk. Four mechanics to date have found nothing wrong with anything. Brakes good but replaced anyway. Suspension retorqued. Rear wheel realigned. What is this noise that sounds so serious and damaging?

Possibly a weld that has broken connecting body sections.

What was the magnitude of the damage from the referenced accident? Has anyone looked over the body repairs / panel replacements? I guess what I’m suggesting is to have a body shop look it over rather than a mechanic.

Thank you! I will follow up on this line of inquiry!

In re-examining my dates, the accident may actually have occurred after the noise started–I’m just not sure now. I was going 65 mph and rounded a curve–and hit a huge patch of ice just dropped by a freak hail storm. I had to hit my brakes immediately to avoid hitting two other cars spinning in front of me. That caused me to spin, then hit the dirt embankment, rear first. So that was the force of the hit. the car right rear was indented, but it was still driveable. It was nonetheless towed to a body shop. Thank you for your input. I will have a body shop look at it now.

I had a body shop search–they hear the noise and say it’s definitely not a body problem. The mechanic visiting from next door took it as a personal challenge. He replaced the left rear wheel bearing–definitely needed–but the noise is still there. He suggested it may come from uneven tire wearing. That does not explain the initial THUNK nor the metal on metal SCREETCH. The noise is now down to a dull metal scrape, but is increasing in frequency. The noise also occurs if you roll the car with no motor on. Any more ideas??

since it occurs with the car just rolling can you reproduce the noise with the car on a lift?