Car brakes makes scraping noise

Hi so I recently came back to New York after being gone for a few months and I was gone for the harsh weather. When I first tried turning on my Chevrolet Malibu 2015 it would not move even on drive or reverse the back breaks where complete stuck only the front tires would move, I guess since it’s summer now the rust made the breaks get stuck , however I rocked the breaks free by putting it and drive and then reverse for a while , now that I’m driving it around my house to check it out the the back tires mostly the left rear one makes a scraping noise like something is stuck to it, i think it’s the rust stuck to it , making it difficult to break, what could be the problem or do I just need to clear the rotors and calipers

had a ford with a similar problem, time and driving cured all ills.

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Thanks , I’ll do that hopefully the noise stops

Jack up each rear wheel and see if it turns freely.

And next year when you head south for the sinter, put the car I park, chock the wheels, and don’t apply the parking brake.

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I have driven GM cars for most of 50 years of driving. GM uses crummy brakes. The pads are too small and the rotors to thin. Most of our driving is city type low miles. Our 2011 malibu has 30,000 miles on it. New rotors were installed in April of 2017. As of today the brakes are thumping badly. At 70 mph it feels like a wheel is going to fly off. It is going into the shop this friday. I think these rotors are under warranty. So, I may get off cheap.

Whenever I drive my Corolla in the rain, the next day the rear brakes make a scraping noise for the first couple of stops. Rust. In your case it appears you’ve got some pretty severe rust going on there, so be extra cautious driving , meanwhile cross your fingers, hopefully the noise will go away with a few more stops.

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