2000 malibu lifters


I just had new rods and lifters installed on a 2000 Malibu. Now I am being told I need a new motor. How long would a new motor last? Is it worth it to put the money into a new motor? Any opinions? When the rods and lifters were installed it took care of the noise I was hearing. After 2 months the noise returned but also a deeper noise in the lower motor.


I guess they should have put a camshaft in there too. Do you have a Saab engine in that car? If so, you may have to go with a new one, unless the car is worth less than $4000.oo. Then you can replace the car. You never said how many miles are on it or the engine size. Message to buyers: If it is priced like a Camry and it’s a Chevy; try the Camry.


Knowing how many miles on the car, how frequent the oil change intervals are might help.
Your knock could be on of two things.

If this previous lifter knock had been ongoing for a while it’s quite possible that a valve lifter could have beaten a cam lobe to death by wearing through the hardened surface. After running a while with new lifters the cam lobe could have finished disentegrating.

Again, depending on mileage/oil change frequency, the knock could be a worn rod bearing.


It sounds like your engine may have been run without oil. Is is possible that you or a previous owner had an oil change and the shop forgot to refill the engine? It happens; happened to me with a rental car. To add to that, it also sounds like your mechanic did not do a complete repair. Did he repair the main bearings too? Was the crank damaged and did he check it that of dod he just throw in some rod bearing inserts and let it out the door?

GM makes very good engines; this stuff normally does not happen; lots of unanswered questions here.


I don’t agree. Toyota lately have been making below quality cars because they are trying to compete & take over from GM as the NUMERO UNO. Camry spcially. 1998 to 2002 have oil sludge problem they won’t admit & pay for repairs. Only after a lot of owners complaint did they finally agree to fix & refund the repair bills. Now we have the 2003 to 2005 low brake problem, maybe including 2006 to 2007 (I haven’t driven 2006 or 2007 as there’s no point). Toyota won’t fix or admit the problem. Freeway speed, car won’t stop or slow down fast enough because the brake pedal goes all the way down almost to the floor & still not engaging. I know as my sister have a 2004 & I have a 2005 Camry 4-cyl LE & I already had an accident. I should had listen to her & bought another brand. Anyway, Toyota won’t admit or fix it, & Toyota dealer won’t either since they won’t get paid. They want me to pay to fix the brake or for the brake adjustment. So long Toyota. I have no problem with my Malibu & no more Toyota for my family.


There is approx. 89000 miles on the car. The oil changes were pretty much on a regular basis, but the last couple oil changes they detected a problem - they showed me the oil that was removed and it looked like syrup - they put it in a coke bottle just so I could see what it looked like. It was really thick and sludgy. I just want to make sure it is worth putting a new motor in and how much more use I would get from the car or if this could bring on other problems.


The knocking noise was happening for a little while. I usually try and take the car in as soon as I hear something that doesn’t sound right. When they installed the rod and lifters - the noise stopped for a couple months - now it has come back. This is what was installed rods/lifters/intake gasket/pcv valve/2 gals. dex cool/ oil change and lube. Now there seems to be a lower engine noise., which is why they are now saying it needs a new motor. They did say they would take what was already paid to install the lifters and discount the price to replace the motor.


I believe the OP is saying the PUSH RODS and lifters were replaced not the rods.


Thick oil like syrup or chocolate milk? I wonder if you had engine coolant leaking into the crank case. I am completely amazed a mechanic did not recognize and repair the problem immediately.