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Engine knocking when its cold

I have a Toyota Camry GL 2007. When I start engine, It start with a knocking noise. This noise is exactly at 1.5kRPM to 1kRPM. I do not hear any noise at RPM upper than 1.5 and lower than 1 even when engine is cold. After 2 or 3 minutes the knocking finished.
How can I fix this noise?

piston slap?


I have uploaded a video that shows this knocking

With 248,549 miles on it, I’ve heard worse.

Does it knock when motor is started while warm? Like at store?

Make sure you are keeping up with oil changes and add a can of Restore to the oil. I have had a few higher mileage noisy cars that got quieter with Restore.

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No. When the motor is warm it start without knocking. But when motor is off for 1 hour, it start with knocking.
I have changed oil pump, spark plugs and gas filter but not affected.
I have this car for 4 years with this engine behavior

I used it once but did not affect.
Is there any problem with car engine?

The engine is likely close to the end of its life. It has a quarter million miles, that’s plenty.


I know. How can I fix this noise?

Easy , replace the vehicle.

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Or rebuild motor? It was quiet when new, so it’s not a design issue?


Put in another engine.


On a 14yo vehicle? Really?

That suggests it can go another 4 years or more - that this noise is not a sign of imminent demise.

I’d keep the oil level up and maybe try a different oil filter next time but decide not to worry about this.

The link did not work for me. Oil pump, plugs, and fuel filter an obvious mistake when trying to cure a noise.

I suspect the noise is in the top end; meaning a cam follower. The problem with allowing it to go on for 4 years could well mean it has created more damage. as in damaged cam lobes, and so on.

If the car were mine the valve cover(s) would have to come off for an inspection.


If you’re not expecting the temperature to drop below 40* before the next oil change add a can of STP and see if it helps.

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Some sodium silicate added to the crankcase would quiet that engine forever.


I uploaded again.
Please take a look at this video