2013 Toyota Camry - Loss of confidence

Bought my 2013 Toyota Camry brand new. For 8 years, I take my car to the dealership getting it maintenance. Oil change, whatever I need, I paid for it, never miss a single thing that my car may need. Few months ago my car started to make noise while turning left. After taking the car to 3 different mechanics. I found out it was my engine burning oil. Repair are costly and no idea what could possibly be the cause when I never miss a single routine maintenance. On the market for a new car now, and I’m not getting a Toyota. With Toyota recent new engine and my past bad experience Toyota. I don’t quite want to give Toyota another try.

Just by reading your post it appears that you do not check the oil level between oil changes . If that is correct then anything you buy can have the same problem .


Agree with @VOLVO-V70 If you learn how to check and add your own oil as needed between oil changes you will avoid this problem on any car, including Toyotas, you buy in the future.

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+1 to the previous comments.
All engines will use consume some oil, ranging from only a tiny amount between oil changes to–possibly–a qt or two between changes. All of this is manageable, and further engine damage can be prevented, by simply checking the oil level on a frequent basis, and replenishing it as needed.

More information would help, if that is possible. A noise when turning left does not sound like something that would be related to oil consumption. That is more likely to be something connected with CV joints or wheels. If you could say more about what kind of noise you hear, that might help. Also, how much oil is the car using, exactly? If it is burning about a quart every 1,000 miles then that isn’t necessarily a big deal. A quart every 2,000 miles is no problem at all. In any event, the oil consumption and the noise when turning are probably two separate problems and your mechanics aren’t giving you good advice.


With Toyota recent new engine? What does that mean? You replaced engine? And want to sell car now?

Were the problematic 2AZ-FE engines still used in the 2013s or had they corrected the design by this point in time? @Rachel04 how much oil are you adding per 1,000 miles driven? Do you regularly check your oil (at least every other time you fill up)?

It looks like the engine problems were fixed before 2013:
Toyota Camry Problems | CarComplaints.com

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Good to know, thanks!

Along with checking the oil, I’d recommend changing it at 5k miles rather than 10k miles like Toyota suggests. That’s just my opinion and what I do with our 2013 Highlander.

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The OPs description of the problem and maintenance just screams “low oil between changes” - loudly! That, of course results in a destroyed engine.

2 quarts low in a 10K oil change cycle with a little momentary oil starvation in turns pretty soon becomes 3 quarts, then 4, then rat-tat-tat-boom, engine locks up.

Then we get the “I properly maintain MY car at the dealer” when they never, ever lift the hood to check the oil. The same owners who think that red light is the “low oil light”

You don’t have to lurk here long to see those posts again and again.

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I strongly suspect if the details were known (and not likely to be) one would find the car has had extended oil changes and the hood never comes up to check anything on a regular basis.
Cut and paste from Toyota…and other factors are involved.

*Scheduled maintenance is required every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever occurs first. This schedule is based on your current driving habits; should they change, please consult your Dealer.

As I always say, when things go wrong with cars most are always looking to lay the responsibility (a.k.a. the dime) on someone else.

I have known people who did not even know how to open the hood.

What did they repair?

Making a noise when turning left and three mechanics are telling you that your engine is burning oil. That is like spraining your ankle and the doctor tells you that you need a heart transplant. One thing does not lead to the other.

Did all three mechanics tell you that the noise was caused by the engine burning oil? Are any of these dealer mechanics? If you went to the dealer, was the vehicle inspected by a mechanic or was that what the service writer told you?

Based on your post, I don’t think that the Toyota is the issue, at least not the engine. There are good people here who will gladly help you but you will need to come back and answer our questions.


If the oil level is so low that the valvetrain clatters when turning corners then the engine could very well be burning oil. The oil is either leaking or being burned.

I thought Toyotas did not have hydraulic valve lifters, so no low oil noise. They’re supposed to be checked adjusted every 60k miles but they have it designed so well that if the oil is changed properly you never need to do it.

they are designed so well, they do not even need oil changed over lifetime!
the only problem is in defining what lifetime is…

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Newer engine designs tend to burn more oil. It’s a compromise between the oil loss rate and the mpg rating. Since new car buyers are more concerned about mpg than expected oil loss you can guess which way the manufacturer’s design team leans. Some manufacturers say oil loss rates of one quart per 800 miles is normal for their new-car engines. Compare this to my 30 year Corolla, which uses one quart per 5000 miles. There’s one other contributing factor. Manufacturer’s are well aware the buying public is concerned with the “total cost to own” spec. It includes not only the purchase price but the cost of routine maintenance. To reduce this number to attract buyers, they now recommend oil changes at 7,500, even 10,000 miles. That means the owner may have to add oil to the crankcase 10 or more times between changes to keep the oil level within range. Something that is easy to forget.

Bottom line: When you buy another car, make sure to routinely check the oil level. Top it off if more than 1/2 quart low. Not saying that’s the cause of the problem that you had; just that this is even more important for a 2021 than a 2013. Best of luck there OP.

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