Noisy Camry

At 10000 miles my dealer replaced the regular oil with synthetic. Since that time I have heard a clicking noise (lifter?) when the engine is cold. It goes away (or not loud enough to hear) when warmed up. The dealer says “this is normal due to all aluminum engine. Quote " Some engines are noisy some are not” Am I getting the run around or is this true?

Some engines are noisey, but the reason given is a BS story. It is likely the oil is thin and allowing some lifter noise on start up. This should not be a big problem, and correcting it can cause more problems than it solves. I don’t want people tearing into a motor unless absolutely necessary.

You might consider an oil additive. Some claim to have molecules that stick to bear metal better. Don’t go for one of those super thick additives (STP) however.

The noise could also just be the fuel injectors that you are hearing.
The quick and simple solution is to take your car to another shop, and have them change the oil to something different, and see if that gets rid of the noise.