2000 Lincoln Town Car - Here's what I've replaced so far

Car want turnover replace alternator, battery, starter, switch

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I assume you mean it won’t crank as opposed to won’t start. Make sure the cable connections are clean and test the cables for continuity. Worst case, check to see if the engine is seized.

Under hood fuse box, check
Fuse #1 - 50 amp
Fuse #2 - 40 amp
Fuse #6 - 30 amp
Fuse #13 - 15 amp

What have you TESTED to determine the actual cause of your problem?

Check the ground connection to the engine block, my wag.

You already know how to replace parts, now you need a book on diagnostics. All of those parts could have been tester before replacement and saved you a lot of money. Also test the neutral safety switch.

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I agree. Sounds like a neutral starter switch problem and this is sometimes called a range selector switch. Shift into Neutral and see if it will crank over. Easy to test and easy/cheap to replace.
Those switches take a bit of beating over time due to heat, grime, being doused in rain and snow, and many repeated key cycles over the years.

I do not have schematics in front of me but many Fords also used a starter relay as part of the security system. Sometimes those relays act up and prevent starter motor operation. This is a less likely option if the neutral switch is good. Usually located behind the glove box and can be bypassed if the security system is not that important.

My wild guess would be … nothing.
I would also guess that the question the OP left unasked is “What should I replace next?”
And my answer would be “your mechanic”.