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Doesn't start-frustration!

I have a 2003 Lincoln Towncar. About once a month when I get gas and try to start after, the car is “DEAD”!!! The battery is OK and all the gauges come on but no sound-not a click! I have replaced the battery and the starter (twice), but my mechanic doesn’t have a clue. After about 5-10 minutes the car will start. Any ideas or suggestions???

I would suspect the igntion switch as the source of the problem.

Other possibilities are the neutral safety switch and the security system. Next time it acts up shift into NEUTRAL and see what happens.

The security system is a bit more complicated to sort out. There should be a starter solenoid interrupter module on this car and any number of things can affect the module and prevent starter motor operation. (Hood switch, jiggle switch in the steering column, etc)

Gambling money usually means betting on the neutral switch, or as it may be called on this car, a "transmission range sensor". This is what it looks like.

Starter solenoid?