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2000 Dodge Neon - What next?

car engine wont crank new battery.starter,cables,ingition switch i did exchange start relay with another her relay engine started and drive 2 days now doing it all over again exchange relays dont work this time no engine codes no engine light come on

Did you order OEM cables, or did you make then from bulk wire?
I question this because there should be a fairly heavy (12 ga. ) wire that carries the charge from the alternator to the battery. Did you forget to hook this up.

If so , you could have made two short trips before the battery was depleted.

You will have to check the voltage at the Battery first. Then compare this with the voltage at the starter.

It may be that the alternator is not charging the battery.
Coincidental as it may be!!!


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Try shifting the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.,2000,neon,2.0l+l4,1358085,electrical-switch+&+relay,neutral+safety+switch+/+range+sensor,4584


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When they fail, they don’t always work in neutral either.

I never had a Neon but I had several Omni and Horizons and the neutral safety switch was on top of the transmission covered by a rubber wiring plug.

When you remove the plug you will see 4 spade terminals in a square 2 opposite terminals work the backup lights and the other two allow the starter to energize. Have someone try to start the car while you jump opposite sides with a small screwdriver.