2000 Lexus RX 300 brakes repaired 3 times in 6 months

Just writing back to ask another question on the brake problems.

I found out what the problem was - They sold me the wrong brakes all the way around the first time. When I returned them, they replaced them with the same wrong brakes.

I called and talked to a nice honest guy who told me the truth about what was on their computer.

When I talked to the manager he was extremely rude and nasty about it when I explained it to him. He made it sound like it was my fault.

My question is: Do I have any recourse as to get them to reimburse me for the many trips (125 miles each way)gas, brakes failing 3 times, risking my life on the steep, curvy mountain roads where I live? I don’t really want to deal with them again (the manager told me I had better get in there that day to get the replacements for free when actually they are covered for life).

I would like to make them pay for replacements at a Lexus dealer.

Is there anything I can do without spending money on an attorney?

Thank you ~ Lindsay

You could try to go above the manager’s head, and talk to the owner of the shop, or, if it is a chain shop like Midas, talk to a district manager. That is normally the next step.

I’d like to add that the wrong part typically doesn’t fit, and is a dangerous, even criminal, to send a customer out with a bad repair. Make sure you mention that to the next in line. If they are repaired correctly now, have a signed statement from the guy who did it right about all that was wrong with it.

You have no legal recourse that won’t cost more than it’s worth. However, you can and should tell everyone you ever meet from now until eternity how you were treated there. Perhaps you’ll save a life.

Parts stores hand out a lot of parts and errors will happen, but what happens when the error is discovered is what seperates the good guys from the bad guys.

Hold on a moment. How did you determine what the “right” brakes were and how did you determine that the brakes used were "wrong?

Please re-read. I know it is not written very clear, but you can make things out easily enough.

He had an unknown shop do a brake job. He had problems, and returned to the shop, where they ‘fixed’ the previous job the same way. Had the same problems come up, called and thought it was figured out (wrong parts), but the manager got rude and abusive when he got there. He took it to a Lexus dealer. They told him the job was done wrong with the wrong parts. Lexus dealer fixed it right. No more problems. First shop got really nasty, and refuses to admit it did the job wrong. He’s simply looking for his money back for the botched job.

more info. shop where repair was done?

have you taken it back the third time?

undoubtably the lexus dealer will say ‘wrong parts were used’ because (drumroll) they arent purchased at… lexus.

if you had this done at a discount chain store thats your problem. sorry. these places $%^&*

it is HIGHLy unlikely the ‘wrong’ parts were used. maybe a low quality part, but if it fits, then it should work.

if you wanted the work done at a lexus dealer you should have gone to the lexus dealer. but… a good local mechanic should be more cost effective and better quality than a lexus dealer.