2008 Lexus Brake Issue

We recently purchased a 2008 RX350 with 61,000 miles. We had a potentially dangerous brake failure when the brake booster unit failed. It was an expensive repair ($1400.) and Lexus has refused to stand behind the product. Has anyone else had a similar brake failure and what was the resolution?

It would be VERY unusual for any car manufacturer to cover the cost of a repair on 6 year old vehicle that is long out of warranty coverage. You might want to phone Lexus customer service via their toll-free phone number, and request (politely and in a business-like manner) that they help you with what is known as “good will” assistance, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they refused to fund the repairs.

@VDCdriver is correct. Expecting a vehicle manufacturer to cover the cost of this kind of repair on your vehicle is highly unusual. It’s tantamount to thinking a loaf of bread should stay fresh for a month in your cupboard. Things break, bread gets moldy and the world keeps turning.

Unless it was a Lexus Certified vehicle, your out of luck.