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2000 Lexus RG300 brakes

I put new brakes on my car in June, and after 3 months they needed new brakes again. I thought maybe I had received defective new brakes until the end of October when they started to go out again. It seems every 3 months or so I need new brakes. They were the originals the first time I replaced them, and they lasted 8 years.I bought both replacements at Auto Advantage, the best they had.

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Thank you.

Front brakes? Rear brakes? Pads? Rotors?

Not enough information.

Have you tried using Lexus brake parts?

I assume you have disk brakes on all the wheels and if so you may need to replace the rotors along with the pads. There may also be something causing the brake pads to ware against the rotors while you are driving. Does the vehicle roll freely or the rims feel hot after driving? Something is really wrong and even cheap pads should last much longer than 2 or 3 months, it should be years.

I haven’t checked the rims, but I will and get back to you. You kind of scared me because I live in the mountains in Western North Carolina and drive them everyday. The car doesn’t feel right while I’m driving, I can’t really explain it because I don’t know. It might feel like the brakes are on all the time. The car braked fine with the old ones - no problems. This car is actually falling apart. I’ve replaced most of the major parts minus the engine. Thanks for replying, I’ll check the rims.