2015 Lexus RX 350 brake problem

2015 Lexus RX 350 all-wheel-drive. Brake problem sitting at a stoplight or at any stop brake pedal graduate falls to the floor car has 21,626 miles on it and the dealer will assume no responsibility for the for the brakes. Their claim out of warranty too bad asked how much to fix Their "$1000 this is insane. When everything I’m able to determine if the parts cost under $300. In my mind that doesn’t speak well for the automobile or the dealership.

Are you serious ? Of course the dealer is not going to fix the brakes on a vehicle that is no longer in the warranty period. That sounds like a fair dealer price so find an independent brake shop . I doubt if it will much cheaper , of course your location makes a difference.
Your vehicle has ABS - Traction Control and requires a lot more work than just throwing brake shoes on a 1951 Ford sedan.

I would suggest you report the problem to carcomplaints.com in case others are having the same problem.
Still, I hope you can beat that $1000 price. That sounds like they haven’t actually diagnosed it.

What is there to report ? It is a 5 year old vehicle with brake problems . Things break and fail because that is what things do .

Here is why to report it: This is not the typical “new pads needed” kind of brake repair. In my opinion it is premature, and of course a brake problem is a safety issue. If a significant number of problems are reported, a recall would be warranted even when the 3-yr warranty has expired.

The brake master cylinder is leaking internally and requires replacement.




The dealership has no responsibility whatsoever. The vehicle manufacturer did have responsibility, but only during the warranty period.

The OP needs to be aware that this would not be covered by warranty unless it took place during the first three years of ownership. In other words, he is two years beyond warranty coverage, despite the low odometer miles.