$2000 key for Saab



ON 2/9/08 I caught the end of a discussion about a $2000 cost to replace a Saab key along with computers that needed to be replaced. The new 1400cc Kawasaki Concours touring motorcycle has the same issue, possibly. The key is a computerized chip that recognizes when you approach or walk away from the vehicle. This radio based system is keyed to codes in 3 of the bikes computers (fuel injection, ignition and I guess main CPU). If you lose or destroy (read: wash in your pants) these 2 keys you must replace all the coded computers to be able to start the bike. A good lock is about $40. Who needs this?


If you still have a working key, Kawasaki seems to have 2 systems.

As I understand it, software for the locksmith industry for programming is in BETA testing now.

The only version of this I am aware of, is a remote-fob, that the bioke detects is nearby, thus allowing a key to operate. a key with TRANSPONDER can also work, inlieu of the remote fob.

There may be a system that does nto use the FOB at all, but ONLY the RFID Chip type key.

IT may be possible to CLONE your key. We have a cloenable Kawasaki blank that we use for Ducatis. I have no way to know if compatible, without having it here.

Check with a real good locksmith such as Weeeee, that specializes in vehicles.

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